Guadalupe Mountains National Park Star Block

Download the free pattern here! Guadalupe Mountain

My husband and I live in Colorado but both of our families live back in Pittsburgh. This makes Thanksgiving a tough holiday. We would love to travel home but just can’t afford to buy flights in November and December. So we typically go on a mini vacation that we can drive to. This past year we chose to go to the Texas and New Mexico border visiting two national parks, Guadalupe Mountain sand Carlsbad Cavern. We were there for a total of 4 days with 2 of them at Guadalupe Mountains.


Guadalupe Mountains is the 32nd to become a National Park in 1972. The water less area was once a shallow sea that is now a fossilized mountain range. The range is home to the 4 tallest peaks in Texas. While visiting we saw a road runner but fortunately there were no coyotes after it at the time.


While visiting we stayed at a campsite just outside of the park, White City RV Park. This allowed us to hike the devils hall, visit the sand dunes, hike to the peak, and explore a short nature trail. The trip started out with a hike through the devils hall. It is a long narrow “hall way” of rock formation. It was a very interesting and easy hike. Most of the hike is on a dry river bed over these beautiful white stones. If I were to make the block again, I would probably make the center of the star a white or bone color because of these.

On another day we hiked to the summit of Guadalupe Peak, the tallest point in Texas. It was a relatively strenuous hike that was bitterly cold towards the top due to wind. The wind was blowing so hard, there were points that we had to lean in to walk. It made for a pretty cool experience but short lived because we booked it off the top of the mountain quickly. The whole visit including the sand dunes and nature trail were very fun and peaceful. The trails (especially the sand dunes) barely had any visitors making you feel like you are truly in nature.

I designed the quilt block for this park. I wanted to keep it consistent by having a star. The yellow is for the mountain itself, the blue for the deep blue sky, and the green for the foliage. Like I stated above, if I were to make it again I would probably make the center white to represent the river bed to the devils hall.

You can download the pattern here. Guadalupe Mountain

A note about my patterns….

Some of you may have noticed that it has been quite some time since my last post. I have decided to change up my patterns a little bit to make them easier for me to make on the computer. They are now much shorter and don’t have many text directions. Please try it out and let me know what you think by leaving me a comment. I’d love some feedback.


A note about the National Park Service….

The National Park Service has added two national parks. I’m a little behind the news here but I have added to the total count above. The newest parks are St. Louis Arch National Park and Indiana Dunes National Park. This brings us to a total of 61 parks to go and visit. I guess my quilt will just need to be a little bigger.

Since we were at the park for multiple days I had so many pictures I just couldn’t choose. I have put a few extra pictures from the park below.


2 thoughts on “Guadalupe Mountains National Park Star Block

  1. springleafstudios says:

    Looks like a nice park. I love all the rock formations and the dunes are really cool. Your park quilt is going to be fabulous . . . and big!


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