Mount Rainier National Park Star Block – 6 of 59

Download the free pattern here! Mount Rainier

This year my husband and I went on a great vacation to Washington State. We were able to visit all of the national parks while we were there (hint hint on upcoming blocks). The trip was so much fun and as always with the National Parks, beautiful. The first park that we visited was Mount Rainier. We were lucky that we planned a two day visit to this park since the first day we were there you couldn’t see the mountain through the fog.

The park was so beautiful and had many wonderful trails and things to do. The most challenging part of visiting was finding a place to park the car and get out to see the views. Even with this challenge we were able to see everything we wanted to and do a fantastic hike. If you visit, I highly recommend hiking to comet falls and continuing the rest of the way to Van Trump Park.


Established in 1899, Mount Rainier was the 4th to become a National Park. At the center of this park is the 14,411 ft. volcano known as Mount Rainier.  With the peak continually capped with multiple glaciers, the active volcano is known for creating/impacting its own weather. Wilderness is the highest protection the government can designate an area with; this means no roads, vehicles, or permanent structures are allowed. Since Mount Rainier National Park is 97% wilderness, the main roads and viewpoints only give a glimpse into this amazing park. To experience more you must hike.

Now for the best part, the quilt block. I made the quilt block prior to the trip and brought it along. My husband, Matt, bought me some cork board to pin the block to so we could get some great pictures – which we did.


This block was designed by Susan Davis of American Quilt Blocks. She designed blocks for the National Park Service Centennial in 2016. You can view her designs on her website:

I have turned the design into a free pattern available here: Mount Rainier. Using the pattern your block will finish as a 9 inch block (9.5” unfinished). Mount Rainier is one of the easiest blocks in the set to make and for that reason the first one I worked on. Quilt along and make them for all the national parks.


5 thoughts on “Mount Rainier National Park Star Block – 6 of 59

  1. springleafstudios says:

    Great photos! Whenever I see your Natl. Park images I always think it’s a full sized quilt by the way you take some of the photos. It’s a fun optical illusion. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.


  2. lauramuh says:

    I’ve been following along with your National Parks blocks. I have started gathering fabric to start making blocks for the parks that I’ve been to. Do you have an idea of how you will add the park name to the block yet? I saw you are keeping a piece of fabric to add the name to later.


    • juliayandura says:

      Hello! I have a few ideas on how I will label. This is something I have been racking by brain with for a while. So the first option is applique. I have actually tried this option with the Mount Rainier block. I found that with such small intricate pieces that fusible was the way to go and used a blanket stitch to secure it down. However, I was not really a fan of this method. While I think applique can be beautiful – it just is not my favorite thing to do. In addition, fusible has a raw edge that will fray even if secured down – I don’t feel that is the best look for small text.

      So, I had another idea. I was thinking I could embroider the text. The only trouble is that I don’t have a machine capable and don’t want to invest in one right now. I am going to bring this to my local t-shirt store to see what kind of rate they would charge to do this for me. I will let you know when I hear on that one.

      Other thoughts I have had is either printing the words (but I found this to be very pricey), free motion quilting the words (limited by my ability to make this legible), or drawing the text with fabric makers and setting it. If embroidery does not work out then I will be exploring one of these routes. Let me know if you have any ideas on this. I’ll try any method at least once.


      • lauramuh says:

        Thanks so much for your detailed response! I have been thinking about writing the names with a fabric pen (I’ve made a quilt with signatures written on and it worked well). I haven’t made a block yet, but I’ll do some experimenting once I get started on the project and I’ll ket you know how it’s going. I have a feeling this will be a pretty long term project, since I want to make the blocks as I visit the parks. It’s just too bad I live in the Midwest so far from most of the parks!


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