Quiltville Mystery Update

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The On Ringo Lake mystery quilt is a great program that Bonnie Hunter hosts every year. I tried frantically to catch up after traveling home for the holidays, but at the end of the day I decided to use a different Bonnie Hunter technique to finish this quilt, leaders and enders. Leaders and enders is a technique where you always have fabric under your needle. When you are piecing a different project and reach a point where you need to end your chain piecing you piece one unit from a different project instead of cutting thread. Since about January the mystery quilt has turned into my leader and ender project, and I am making quite a lot of progress even though it is not my main focus. For more information on Leaders and Enders check out Bonnie Hunter’s blog her books (Adventures with Leaders & Enders or More Adventures with Leaders and Enders)

The only thing that I kept up to date on with the mystery was cutting the fabric. I have the entire quilt cut up and stored in a large project box along with the patterns printed. IMG_20180810_202720 (1)

For months now I have been finishing up triangle units and have just turned the corner to connecting some flying geese.

My station has a constant supply. Here is my messy set up. To the left I have a stack of units ready to go. Behind my sewing machine I have a large white bucket ready to receive sewn units. Finally, above my station I have a sewn unit pinned to help remember the order to put my geese in.


I recently took a quiet morning where I pinned all of my units together as to not mix them up at my sewing machine. This has made it even faster to get them stitched together.


With sewing progress comes an ironing bottleneck. I have put all of my stitched triangular units in a drawer at my ironing station. Whenever I am ironing something else I take a minute to get a few of those units ironed as well. This one is moving along a little slower, so I may just need to spend 20 minutes to get these all done.


All in all some significant progress is being made – just little by little. My next step will be to start assembling the blocks. I can’t wait as it will start to look like the actual quilt. I know this project has been taking me a long time, but I think it was still great to participate. I am not putting pressure on myself to get this done quickly which allows me to enjoy the process. The best part is that I am not even focusing on the quilt, but it is still getting done.

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