Badlands National Park Star Block – 5 of 59

Download the free pattern here! Badlands

Badlands National Park is the 38th park to become a National Park in 1978. The park is filled buttes and pinnacles formed by erosion. These formations make beautiful yet challenging terrain. It has made a perfect home for prairie dogs, bison, big horn sheep, and the elusive black footed ferret. Millions of years ago this South Dakota region was home to turtles, fish, and squids as it was ocean front property at that time. Fossils of these animals and others can still be found in the Badlands today.

I have now visited the Badlands twice. Once with my husband in 2016 and also with my parents and husband in June 2018. Back in 2016 we did a 10 mile hike on castle trail via medicine route. This gave beautiful up close and isolated views of the formations. Fortunately, I was able to view big horn sheep during both visits. This is not an animal I have seen anywhere else. The region is very arid such the both trips were hot days. If you plan to visit don’t forget your water.

The star block for the Badlands has the smallest pieces I have come across for the National Park Star Blocks. I could of course make them bigger, but I want each block to finish to a 9″ block, so 3/4″ finished squares here we go!

This block was designed by Susan Davis of American Quilt Blocks. She designed blocks for the National Park Service Centennial in 2016. You can buy the blocks printed on a high quality fabric from her website in various sizes. I recommend everyone to check out her website and purchasing one of her great designs.

Update: Olde America Antiques stopped selling fabric blocks in 2018. You can still view the designs on their website.

Badlands Stock

To piece the block yourself you can download the free pattern here (Badlands)!


Every year the Badlands erodes by 1″ meaning that one day this beautiful landscape will be gone. Hopefully you can get out there within the next 500,000 years.

Thank You!



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