Quiltville Week 4 & 5 – Triangles and More Flying Geese

So we are now in mid Janaury and Bonnie has released all of the mystery quilt clues, but I am still catching up. Each year over the holidays my husband and I travel home to visit our families for about 10 days. This means that I made no progress on the mystery quilt for about 3 weeks. In addition, to this I just started a new job. Previously I worked as a Manufacturing Engineer (process improvement) for Eaton Corporation where I helped make lights. I decided that I wanted to take a job in a completely new industry, Healthcare. So far so good, but it is my first month and I really don’t know what I am doing yet. Anyway, my routine has been disrupted a lot lately and has put me behind schedule (not that I was really keeping pace with the challenge anyway). I have been working hard to start catching up on this project.

Week 4 let us dive into the browns for the first time. I chose to use maroon instead, which is my favorite color. These pieces were great for chain piecing and went very fast. I love the color combinations – especially when I got a deep teal with a darker maroon. IMG_20180121_195733372


Week 5 was very similar to week 2. We made flying geese again, but in a new color scheme. During week 2 I used paper piecing for my geese because that way I knew they would be perfect. During week 5 I decided to snow ball my corners. I did this 1 – because it is faster and 2 – to challenge my skill set. I have made flying geese a few ways and I know that when they are paper pieced they are perfect and when I snow ball they are close to perfect but not. Instead of shying away this time I chose to give my self lots of practice doing the snowball so that someday they will come out perfect with this method. I love flying geese and I love maroon so week 5 is the prettiest section yet. I could just frame the geese like this and call it good. But I wont – this quilt will get done… sometime this year.



I now have enough sub components done to see how my block will look and if I want to vary from the pattern.

Thanks for following along. Have a great start to the new year! Please subscribe if you would like to see more. Quilt to it!

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