Year in Review 2017

As 2018 is starting I want to look back and see 2017 accomplishments. In the past year I was able to complete 10 quilts baby size or larger. I am so happy to be able to complete this amount and hope to complete more this year. The more quilting you do the better you get. Here you can look though the quilts I completed in 2017.

1 & 2) Whale Baby Quilt & Girly Girly

I started out this year making some baby quilts. I wanted to work on my quilting and used these to practice with my walking foot. I gave the Whale baby quilt to my husband’s friend who was having a baby. I unfortunately never took a picture of the finished quilt that I did wavy lines on – you can see a picture of the top below.



3) Camping Raccoons 

This quilt falls in the same category as the above two in that they were practice for the walking foot, but I learned a big lesson on this one in particularly. For this quilt I chose to do a flannel front and a minky back. I was thinking this would be such a sweet snuggly quilt – which it totally is. But it was such a big struggle to quilt. I had read to spray baste minky because it is so slippery which I agree was the right thing to do. My problem, however, was with my thread. I had so much thread breakage during the quilting of this. It was very frustrating. I later heard that when working with minky you should use polyester thread instead of cotton because of its strength. If I work with minky again I will do that.

4) Half Square Triangle Ladder

This is probably my favorite quilt that I made this year. I was done practicing my walking foot quilting and ready to put it on a throw size quilt. I used a decorative stitch to quilt this and I LOVE it. This decorative stitch on this 55″ quilt used one and a half spools of Aurfil and about 60 hours of quilting time. This was a long time and a lot of thread, but totally worth it. Every quilt top I make now I consider if this style of quilting is right for it.



5) The Great American Eclipse

My husband and I love hiking and visiting the national parks. The Great American Eclipse was this year and we were so excited to go. I decided to commemorate our experience by making this quilt just in time for us to leave for Casper, WY. We hiked up Casper mountain in the morning and watched the Eclipse laying on the quilt on a cliff. It was amazing.



6) Island Snake

In October I had the opportunity to enter a local quilt show. It was free entry and viewers favorite. I figured this was a good way to enter my first show. Low pressure. I found this pattern in “Mostly Modern” magazine and made it for the show.


7) Churndashery

Similar to my first quilts on the year I made this top to practice my quilting. I took a certification class to rent time on a longarm and used this quilt to do my first practice on the machine. I am not great at pantograph designs so I have only been doing free motion quilting. I used this opportunity to practice and let myself make some mistakes. I learned I can ribbon candy in 3 of the 4 directions. Using the longarm means you can’t turn the quilt to make a design from top to bottom or left to right. You have to do it both ways or cut/bury thread.

8) JP Baby Quilt

I made a post about this quilt here. This was a fun and quick quilt where I got to practice my free motion quilting some more.

9) American Flag Quilt

I have made a post about this quilt here. I did the free motion quilting in November of this year and was so happy to have a project to play and try different designs I previously didn’t have the courage to put on a project.

10) Great Grandmother Quilt

This quilt was an almost year long project. It was important to me because this quilt was made by my great grandmother and was falling apart. Some blocks were completely gone, the binding was ripped almost the whole way around, and the back was ripped/stained. I carefully deconstructed and reconstructed the quilt in the last year. Detailed post to come.

 2018 Goals

Going into 2018 I want to set some goals.

  1.   Finish 12 quilts baby size or larger in 2018.
  2. Complete a log cabin quilt –I have never one of these and think they’re beautiful.
  3.  Finish the Quiltville Mystery Quilt before October 2018
  4.   Complete 12 additional blocks of the national parks.

I try to keep my goals flexible enough that I can try new things as a I see them but also keep me on track. All of my quilts I want to quilt myself. This is a skill that I want to get better at.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my quilting journey over the last year. Please subscribe to my page if you would like to see more.

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