Quiltville Mystery – Week 3 – Diamonds

Week 3! This week we are making diamonds. Lots of them. You can find Bonnie’s instruction here. I am not actually done with my flying geese from last week, but that is okay because they are all cut and I just knockout a few when I have ten minutes. Hopefully I will be able to catch up soon. My goal is to at least get each week cut out during that week. That way I am stuck with all of those pieces and have no choice but to put them all back together.


So that is where I got. I cut out all of my pieces and organized. I have two groups – one for each style of diamond.


I did about 30 of each style. They went really fast. When I do these I like to use a piece of tape to line up my needle. I prefer this over drawing a line on each piece.


If I wasn’t up against a deadline for another quilt I would have finished all of these in one setting. I have started renting a long arm and I have time rented next week, so I need to make sure that top gets done. Hope everyone is enjoying the Mystery.


Go Quilt To It!



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