Quiltville Mystery – Week 2 – Flying Geese

We are in week two of Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville Mystery Quilt! This week we had to make flying geese – lots and lots.

She lists some great tutorials in her post here so you can choose your method. My personal favorite method though is paper piecing. I printed some templates the size I wanted, made lots of copies, and got to it.

I started with getting all of my fabric cut. It looks so pretty all organized. I am doing a lot of batching so I then glued the first piece of fabric onto all of my paper. I have less than 20 geese done at this time BUT I am part of the way there for all of them.


So far I am finding this challenge enjoyable. I like to take a break from my other projects and go sew based on her direction. I am not thinking about anything. Just pick up the next piece and start sewing.

Oh ya and here are my completed 9-patches from week 1. Lets Quilt To It!


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