On Ringo Lake – Quiltville Mystery Quilt – Fabric Acquisition/Week 1

Bonnie Hunter hosts a mystery quilt every year on her blog Quiltville. I have heard about this fabulous challenge but this will be my first time participating. If you would like to participate then go to her website and follow along. http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2017/10/on-ringo-lake-quiltville-mystery.html

The theme of this years challenge is On Ringo Lake. Right now there is only one clue released so if you have not started then you can definitely catch up.  The first clue was posted on Black Friday (Nov 24, 2017)!

Here are the fabrics I chose for the project. This was so hard for me because no one knows what the quilt will look like! You just have to go with colors that go well together. I decided to go to a local quilt shop Wooden Spools (site here). This shop resells quality cotton fabrics at a reduced cost. They have so many different seasons and designers of fabric that you can find such a variety – which is what I wanted.

Bonnie recommends these colors. Blue/Aquas, Chocolates, Coral/Melon, and Neutrals. Mine turned out more Blue/Aqua, Plums, Pinks, and Neutral Grays. I am happy with the color combination and hope it looks great in the finished quilt.


Sorry this one is so blurry.

Week one was completing a bunch of 9 patches. This was a great manageable task – even though I am not entirely done. I will be sure to finish before Friday though!


Although the block seemed very doable I seemed to spend hours pre-treating my fabric. I was making the first cuts into yardage and decided to starch and press the full yardage as I cut into it. Boy was that time consuming, but I will be happy I did it later. You can see in this picture that after I cut into the yardage I use close together pins to hold that straight line on the fabric. I don’t always do this but for fabric that I will be cutting into and putting back away every week I will do this. It saves me from having to trim off that edge every week.


I hope you enjoyed this post about the Quiltville Mystery Quilt! Be sure to subscribe if you want to read more. Go Quilt To It!


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