Disappearing 9 Patch – 1 Charm Pack!

This week I heard that a friend of mine was having a baby and got a last minute invitation to his baby shower. Ahhh! I needed to make a baby quilt and fast. I was searching for a pattern that made a decent size quilt (like crib size) that used only one charm pack. I got a free charm pack with one of my Craftsy (Lily & Loom Strawberry Fizz) orders and I wanted to use it up without needing to buy a second one.

After reviewing some patterns online I decided to make a disappearing 9 patch quilt. I was able to make one using up all 42 charms and finished at 39″x45.5″.


My project used

  • 1 charm pack,
  • 2 half yard cuts of solids (pink and gray), and a
  • 1/3 yard cut of a solid.

You could also make the project out of two charm packs and one 1/3 yard cut of a solid. Using two charm packs would give the quilt a super scrappy look.

This quilt was so easy! I was able to complete this in one weekend from start to finish and I did not work on it the whole time either. Now lets quilt to it. IMG_4758

I started by cutting all my fabric. I used

  • 1 Charm Pack
  • 22 Gray 5″ squares (You could get by with 21-5″ squares and 2-2.5″x5″ squares)
  • 21 Pink 5″ squares
  • 11 Yellow 5″ squares


IMG_4765All of the squares will be used to make 9 patches. So if you ensure that you have the correct number of yellow and pink squares you can start some mindless chain piecing.

Chain all of the yellow squares to gray squares until you are out of yellow. Then turn that bock around put the remaining gray squares on the other side of the yellow. You should end up with 11 rows of gray-yellow-gray (if using a charm pack charm-yellow-charm)

Chain piece one charm to one pink fabric. Do until you have no more pink. Spin that row around and add another charm to the opposite side of the pink. You should end up with 21 rows of charm-pink-charm (if using a charm pack then charm-charm-charm)


Now make 10 9 patches like pictured below. You will not be able to make 11. For the 11th sew together one charm row with the yellow row to make a partial block.

Note that the charms can be put together in any combination. This is not how it will appear in the quilt. Do not worry about the charms coordinating with each other at this point.


Now comes the magic. You will slice this 9 patch apart centered vertically and horizontally. For the 11th block you will treat it like a full 9 patch and slice it in the same way. Remember the 5″ unfinished is 4.5″ finished. Center is 2.25″ away from the seam.


Now it is time to reorient the block as a disappearing 9 patch. Take the top left square and the bottom right square and turn the 180 degrees. If the block was sewn back together at this time that would be your disappearing 9 patch block.

Arrange the blocks on your floor, table, or design wall in a 6×7 square grid. Keep them in the disappearing 9 patch block orientation. Now move the blocks and switch them around until you find the colors are placed where you want them and it looks right.


Now sew together the rows pressing the seams in the opposite directions as you do so. Finish assembling the top then you are ready to baste and quilt.

Because of the small size I decided to spray baste the quilt. I find that spray basting is great from small projects but difficult for large ones.

I decided to work on my free motion quilting skills (not a strong skill yet) and quilted a simple flower petal design with one loop in each square. I traveled around the quilt by stitching in (or near) the ditch.


I really enjoyed doing this project because it was so fast to complete while I also got to work on some of my skills like free motion quilting and working with pre-cuts. I hope that you make a disappearing 9 patch and see how quick and easy it is too.


Thanks for reading!

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